Transition Woodbridge – ‘EcoWoodbridge’—our very own board game!

Transition Woodbridge is grateful to the warm welcoming space scheme at the Pod on Jetty Lane. They have allocated Saturday afternoons to us but you can google them to find the other times they are open in the week. We are designing and making our very own board game there which is intended to educate people of all ages about matters ecological. It will encourage people to support local businesses that are going in some way to improve their carbon footprint and to care about our town. Hopefully, it will also provide hours of fun! Stephen has produced a small mock-up that shows the route through Woodbridge the game will take. 

Throw a dice and proceed through the streets, meeting small businesses and enterprises along the way that can gain you some rewards. Take care not to land on a penalty square where you have been seen dropping litter as you will have to miss a turn whilst you clear up the area. There are question squares where you can test your knowledge by naming three seasonal vegetables or listing the places in town where you can drop off your used batteries. There are chance squares where you could be sent back or propelled forward through the streets to your dismay or delight. 

If this is your thing, why not join us on Saturday afternoons from 2-4pm? There’s still plenty to do to complete the game. Or, if you would rather just sit back and chill out with hot drinks and cake, enjoying the warm space and the company you are more than welcome. The finished game will be appearing on our summertime stalls at fetes and events, and it might even find itself in a pub or two along the way. So catch up with us to test your knowledge and have fun!

Next to the Pod in Jetty Lane is the Vintage Litter museum which is well worth a visit.

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