Community Outing In May/June 2024 To Frankenberg Our ‘Twin’ In Germany

Did you know that Manningtree and District had a partner town in Germany? For over fifty years? If you didn’t know, that’s probably because we, the committee, have not been very good at publicity. But we are trying to mend our ways!

Twin Town

Frankenberg is a lovely little town surrounded by woodland hills and not far from Frankfurt. Roughly every two years there is a partnership exchange visit. The last one in 2022 was from Frankenberg to us and now we have received an invitation to visit Frankenberg next summer. The invitation is to everyone in our area, not just to members of the Partnership Association. Manningtree, Lawford, Mistley and Bradfield councils are already members and their support is much appreciated. 

The Partnership Association is the local ‘heart and engine’ of the partnership. We organise social events, have links with our local High Schools with annual prizes for German language students and in co-operation with PACE have established the Anniversary Garden opposite the Fire Station in Manningtree. 

If you want to know more about the partnership or the exchange visit to Frankenberg in Germany from 31 May to 2 June 2024, just call our secretary on: 07891 963 005 for more information or contact us via the website: