Christmas 2023

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a happy time when you can reconnect with family and friends or actually a difficult period which only highlights how remote or broken your special relationships have become? Isn’t it true that Christmas today just seems to increase the stress and pressure of life; yet this is so different to the heart of the Christmas message?

Shortly after the birth of Jesus in the stable, a company of angels appeared to some shepherds tending to their flock and announced “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests.” I think it’s amazing that a key part of the angels’ message, linked the birth of Jesus to our ability to experience true peace. Modern life seems to do all it can to worry and unsettle us – be that in our own families or when we see the news with the ongoing dreadful conflicts around the world. However, Christmas does give us an opportunity to refocus our lives on someone who can bring inner peace and hope to each of us; and then together we can be those that help to bring change and peace into what appear to be the most hopeless situations.

Jesus Christ is no longer the helpless baby in a manger, He lived a perfect life and was crucified for all that we have done wrong, so that we could be reunited with Father God. Through Jesus’s resurrection we can have total confidence that He is more than able to help and save us, as we face the challenges and difficulties of our lives. This Christmas would be an ideal time to pause and invite Jesus to bring fresh peace and hope into your life and family situation. The churches in Capel will have Carol Services reflecting their own style and character.

At Capel Community Church you are welcome to join us for an informal Candlelit Carol Service at 4.30pm on 17 December, suitable for all ages, with crafts and fancy dress for children, a mixture of drama, modern and traditional songs, followed by mince pies and mulled wine etc. Together as churches in Capel we will be meeting at the shopping precinct at 7pm on Christmas Eve for our Open-air Carol Service.

This Christmas I pray you would know that God’s love and favour has indeed been given to each of us through Jesus Christ, and it is through Him, that we can find true peace.

Hope to see you soon, with every blessing this Christmas,
Dave Owen Pastor, Capel Community Church / 07752 921 135