What will that Chihuahua say next? Kenneth believes he, and all the contributors to this excellent magazine, are time travellers because their articles will be read by you in the future. His beguiling manner actually threw me for a moment until I snapped out of it! He’s obviously been watching too much television. Mind you, visitors have compared us to Dr. Who’s Tardis, surprised by the size of SESAW. There are many animals awaiting rehoming including a five-month-old black and white cat named Paddington. 

We believe she was callously thrown over a garden wall and left to die when seriously ill with flu. Fortunately she was made of sterner stuff than expected. The householder found her and brought her to SESAW where she spent two weeks beside a radiator, being nursed, medicated and fed (my) best food. I didn’t really mind sharing my rations and glad to see her now fit and ready for a new, loving home. 

Please come and meet Paddington if you are the human she needs, or you are looking for a pet to share your life. There are also dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs at SESAW which is open to visitors again, 10am-1pm Thursday to Sunday. It may not be bigger on the inside but whether you are a sci-fi fan or not, there is plenty to read on our bookcase at the gate, from Mary Shelley to Mary Berry! You may even pick up something interesting from our bric-a-brac table or be greeted by one of the resident animals. Yes, that’s me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare, Registered Charity No.1124029, Stoke Road, Leavenheath, CO6 4PP. 01787 210 888 /