Christmas is over for another year. The season just past has brought memories of Christmases when I was a small boy, I suppose most of us remember Christmases as children and the excitement we experienced as the big day approached.

For me there was Santa Clause in his grotto in the big shops in Cardiff, hanging up my stocking and desperately trying to stay awake so that I could actually see him arriving… the Christmas tree with sparkling lights and shiny baubles… unwrapping presents after the special Christmas service at Church… and on one occasion finding a brand new two-wheeler bike, a BSA fairy cycle in maroon, which I learned much later had been a very real sacrifice of my parents at the time.

That was all a very long time ago and since then, my wife and I have repeated the exercise many times for our son when he was a child, and now it is the turn of our grandchildren to have experienced all the excitement. We do hope that you all had a great time in the festive season, but now it is all over and as you read this, Christmas 2023 is behind us. The family gatherings are over, the decorations put away and now our attention is focused on the new year – 2024. These thoughts have brought to my attention once again the passage of time.

We are all aware of the phrase “Time flies’, and my goodness how it does! What will 2024 hold for us all? We will probably have some ideas about what we would like to happen, and perhaps we will be making some plans, but nothing is guaranteed as past experience has taught us all. For this reason, I, my family, and all our many Christian friends have put our faith in a God who is utterly dependable. That doesn’t mean that we know what is ahead in this new year, but it means that he does, and by placing our hands in his, we move forward into the unknown with greater confidence that we otherwise would.

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